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Soak through the steps below and you will find yourself a Geothermal specialist!

  1. Explore this site as a reminder of WHO, according to Ancient Hawaiian Legend, is responsible for the heat beneath us.
Thinking Wili

Where might Pele go next if she left her home at Halema‘uma‘u (at the summit of Kilauea Volcano)?

  1. Absorb the information from this video to learn WHAT kind of energy can be transferred from the fire beneath us.
  2. Explore this site to discover WHERE this clean and sustainable heat from the Earth can be found.
  3. Investigate this site to find out WHERE geothermal energy is captured in Hawai‘i.
  4. Check out this site to learn more about the energy that is created WHEN volcanoes erupt.
  5. Absorb the information about HOW geothermal energy is captured in volcanically active places by watching a video.  Make sure to scroll down and watch the video:  “How geothermal energy works:  Geothermal Energy Process  1:48.”


Thinking Wili

How might geothermal energy be used in areas of the world that do not have volcanic activity?


  1. Explore this site to learn how geothermal heat pumps are an interesting way to harness Geothermal Energy through heat transfer in areas without volcanic activity.
  2. Read about some of the advantages and disadvantages of using geothermal energy at this website.
  1. Check out the summary of Geothermal Energy on this site and test your knowledge by taking the quiz! (Be sure to scroll all the way down the page to find the links for the summary and quiz).


Now you are ready to complete your product.

  1. Choose between these products and download the product explantion sheet:
  1. For Choice #2 - Reporter, watch this video.
  2. Complete a report based on the scientific method.
  3. Complete the feedback and reflection sections and you're all set!