WebQuest 3
Simple Machines

4: Steps

Simple Machines

  1. Click on the link to go to the website “Simple Machine Links”. Explore Simple Machines in the House Activity (click on Start).
  2. Click on these 2 websites and look at the pictures.
  3. Click on at least 4 websites and gather more information.
  4. Dowload and complete both columns for simple machines on Simple Machine Worksheet:
  5. Compound Machines

  6. Click on website under “Compound Machines”. Practice identifying simple machines in compound machines. Explore Compound Machines in the Tool Shed Activity (Click Start).
  7. Click on website under “More Compound Machines” and read the explanation and complete the activity.
  8. Complete Complex Machine sections on Simple Machine Worksheet:
  9. Answer reflection questions in your oblog (notebook).